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Aiyana Beauty Lounge is a home based business owned by Melonie Roth an Entrepreneur in the area.  Melonie is very passionate about her work and loves to see her customers smile!  Please, feel free to contact her with any questions you may have.

The Beauty Lounge

Is located in the Quail Ridge Area across the highway from the Kelowna International Airport.  We are 20 minutes from Vernon, 10 minutes from Lake Country and only 20 minutes from Downtown Kelowna.  Aiyana Beauty Lounge is in a quiet area of the golf course facing hole 13.

Our Mission

The mission of Aiyana Beauty Lounge is to provide top quality beauty services within the Okanagan region that will leave the customer feeling appreciated, beautiful and confident!


Aiyana Beauty Lounge will be following strict protocols in accordance with Worksafe BC.  The Health and Safety of our community, clients and families is our top priority.

*  Text upon arrival (778) 214-3847. Wait in your vehicle until your scheduled appointment “We will invite you in via text”

*  A Health/Mask check will be done before entry.

*   Masks are mandatory for applicable services.  If you do not have your own we will provide you with one for $2.

*  You must use provided hand sanitizer at the front before entering the beauty Lounge.

* COVID 19 Health / Service Consultation forms will be filled out for every appointment.

* We must turn away anyone presenting symptoms or who has traveled out of country with in 14 days.

*  24 hour cancellation fee will be waived if you’re needing to cancel last minute due to symptoms

* No visitors!  Only one client at a time.

Everything in your treatment room will be disposable, or single use, including the blankets. We will continue to hand wash and wipe down all surfaces between each client as per Aiyana Beauty Lounge’s Sanitization/Disinfecting process and will only use Sterilized implements.

Website under Construction




WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Hello, We are very excited to announce that we have new services to offer. With that being said this website is currently under construction. Please see below for services we now offer and if you have any questions at all please contact me at (778) 214-3847 Thank you 🙂
Brow Services


Brow Lamination is a hot new trend. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry or where the hairs follow a different pattern with lamination, we can lift the brows to give them the desired shape you want.  This service includes brow shape and tint.  Last 4-6 wee

Brow Lamination treatment (Includes brow shaping and tinting) $110

Brow shape and Tint $30


Hand and Foot Care Services


Regular cleaning and maintaining nails on a regular basis is important for:


A manicure or pedicure provides a deep clean for your nails, as well as ensuring that they look great. This is an important part of positive nail health, as both our hands and feet go through a lot on a daily basis. Regular manicures and pedicures ensure the removal of dead skill cells, which triggers new skin cell growth. This is key for nails that are strong and healthy.


Hand Care and Foot Care services include a Massage.  Massage is a fast and effective way to boost circulation, which can be especially slow and sluggish during the winter months. 

Poor circulation can result in cold or numbness in hands or feet, as well as swelling or joint pain. The effect of the massage is to increase blood flow around the body to improve joint mobility and help to reduce swelling and pain.


Manicures and pedicures are incredibly relaxing. Aside from the blissful effects of the massage, this is also a great way to set aside time that is just for you

Spa Manicure $55
Pamper yourself with this ultimate manicure experience.  Enjoy a sugar scrub with a hand mask and soothing arm and hand massage.  This anti aging spa manicure will nourish your skin and moisturize while protecting your skin from adverse conditions.  

Manicure $45

Manicure with French Polish $55

French Polish Application $15

Polish Application $20. Refresh your polish without the full manicure

Spa Pedicure $75
Let us pamper you with a relaxing foot bath, exfoliating seaweed scrub, soothing foot and leg massage, finishing with a peppermint foot cream and a regular polish color of your choice.

Pedicure $65

(includes regular polish of choice)

Pedicure with French Polish $75

Add:  Paraffin – $15
This treatment will boost the moisture levels of the skin all while opening pores and removing dead skin cells; leaving your skin supple and soft.

Add:  Gel Polish (Recolution) $20
A UV light cured Gel polish to strengthen the nails.  Perfect for ladies on the go.  

Gel Polish Removal $15

Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure $120


Pedicure with Gel Toe Nails (Pedique) $110 

Pedique is a flexible and anti-fungal light cured gel specifically designed for toe nails, formulated to aid:  ingrown, injured or deformed toe nails.

Single Toe Reconstruction with Pedique $40

Single Toe Repair with Pedique $15

Ingrown Toenail Brace with Pedique $40 per brace

Artificial Nails

New Sets:
Clear $75
French $85
Almond/Stilletto $9

Clear Fills:
2-3 weeks $50
3-4 weeks $60
4-6 weeks $70

French Fill:
2-3 weeks $55
3-4 weeks $65
4-6 weeks $75

Nail Art (per nail):
Extra Detail color $5+ 
Artwork $5+ 
Gems & Decals $5+ 
Pricing varies due to time.

Gel Polish $20, each color addition $

Nail Removal $30

Nail Repair $15



Facial Waxing
Cheek Area $25
Chin $15
Eyebrows $20
Upper Lip $15
Neck $25
Half Face $40
Full Face (incl. eyebrows) $55

Upper Body
Abdomen $30
Full Chest $65
Full Back $80
Upper Back / Shoulders $55
Shoulders $25
Full Arm $55
Half Arm $30
Under Arm $25

Lower Body 
Bikini $40
Full Brazilian $70
Modified Brazilian $59
Full Leg $80
Half Leg $50




Signature Facial $90.00
Our skin professional will analyze your skin and customize your facial to your main areas of concern.

Anti-Aging Facial $110.00
Add an eye treatment, featuring a cooling gel, which is applied directly over the eyes!  This treatment will help to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. A great addition to the Signature facial!

Opti-Firm® Eye Contour Treatment $75 (single treatment) 

Add Dermaplaning to any facial treatment $7


Hydra Dew Facial $140
Ditch dry skin with a Hydra Dew Express Lift Moisture Mask that’s right for anyone in need of a bit more moisture. In under thirty minutes your skin will be transformed from rough and dry to dewy and supple with fast-acting hydrating ingredients. Expect to see seaweed first and foremost, as the salinity content of seaweed is similar to that of our bodies, followed by ingredients high in essential fatty acids like Olive Oil, Sesame Oil and Almond Oil.

Biolight Miracle Facial $140
This signature professional treatment helps brighten and diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits. Clinical studies have shown that its marine and botanical actives work together to uncover a radiant, more luminous complexion.

Hydra Medic Advanced Acne Facial $140.00
Estheticians around the world trust our Hydra Medic® Facial as the answer for oily/problem skin at any age

Most all of us have gone through this problematic period, but if you’re still suffering through this or know someone who is, then this is the Facial for you! A series of these facials is recommended if you want to nip this annoyance in the bud.

Vita Cura Firming Facial $160.00
Firming Facial with Micropeel is based on Repêchage’s exclusive combination of natural marine and herbal ingredients to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin, providing advanced skin repair. The treatment provides an instant trigger to young looking skin. Long term benefits to preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation and help prompt cell renewal.

4 Layer Marine Facial $140.00
The premier anti-aging treatment. Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically. Two massages will soothe, then enjoy a cool pure energy seaweed mask, followed by a mineral-rich thermal mask that allows for total penetration of the layers.

Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial $160.00
Our Hydra 4 Collection is specifically formulated for sensitive skin types to help decrease skin sensitivity, calm redness and irritation and help build resistance to external factors.

Dermaplaning is a safe alternative to Chemical exfoliation.  It will remove the outer most layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant

Dermaplaning $149

Dermaplaning with Chemical Peel $169

Dermaplaning with a Signature Facial $169

Dermaplaning with Advanced Facial Treatment 
(See Facials for pricing)



A gentle way to exfoliate the skin!

Micro dermabrasion (Micro resurfacing) can reduce the effect of aging on the skin.  Years of sun exposure and the aging process take their toll on the skin, which create fine lines and wrinkles and change the overall texture and tone of the skin.  This damage can be seen of the face, neck, chest, cleavage, arms and hands

Diamond Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel $169
Series of 4 treatments $525 (Save $151)
Series of 7 treatments $875 (Save 308)

Diamond Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound $139
Series of 7 treatments $750 (save $223)

Diamond Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound and mask $149
Series of 7 treatments $825 (Save $218)


Chemical Peels


Chemical Peels, a targeted skin rejuvenation treatment that will condition your skin while treating various skin conditions from:  Maturing skin, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and rosacea

Face $125
Series of 4 treatments $375 *Save $125

Neck $99

Chest $149 
Series of 4 treatments $447 *Save $149

Face & Neck $149
Series of 4 treatments $447 *Save $149

Face, Neck and Chest $199
Series of 4 treatments $597 *Save $199

Jessner Peel $169 – coming soon


Derma Needling


The Derma Needling InnoPenTM is a revolutionary patented medical device with a built in double protective tip system that surpasses all others. The 13-point surgical stainless steel needles create multiple micro-channels in the skin which aid in infusing therapeutic serums for greater penetration

Full Face $395.00
Series of 4 treatments $1,185.00 (Save $395.00)

Neck $325.00
Series of 4 treatments $975.00 (Save $325.00)

Full Face & Neck $525.00
Series of 4 treatments $1,575.00 (Save $525.00)

Full Face, Neck & Chest $650.00
Series of 4 treatments $1,950.00 (Save $650.00)

Cheeks $325.00
Series of 4 treatments $975.00 (Save $325.00)

Eyes $175.00
Series of 4 treatments $525.00 (Save $175.00)

Lip & Chin $195.00
Series of 4 treatments $585.00 (Save $195.00)

Frown Line (Forehead) $200.00
Series of 4 treatments $600.00 (Save $200.00)

Scar Tissues $200.00
Series of 4 $600.00 (Save $200.00)

Stretch Marks, Tummy $550.00
Series of 3 treatments $1,200.00 (Save $450.00)

Alopecia, Scalp & Eyebrows $500.00
Series of 3 $1,200.00 (Save $300.00)